Restaurant & Bar

Our restaurant which aims to serve at the highest standards with its design, atmosphere, and team will host world cuisines, especially the Tanzanian and African kitchens. Serving with its 150-meter square of indoor and 150-meter square semi-outdoor areas, the restaurant is designed to entertain 80 guests. Additionally, a 100 meters square-based bar is located next to the restaurant. The bar will be positioned in a way that allows it to serve both its indoor area and the outdoor pool outside.

Outdoor Pool

The guest pool and sunbathing areas are out of sight of the lodges. It will be positioned on an elevated area as being surrounded by the buildings nearby in a way that keeps the wild animals away from pool water.

SpaTurkish Bath and Sports Hall

The Spa complex and Indoor Sports Hall which will be designed with the highest standards, will have separate facilities with the panoramic lake view.

Astral Observation Deck

The telescopes which will be available for the use of the guests will be located at the public rest terrace, on an elevated platform.

Single Lodge Master Plan A3


Luxurious lodges with one bedroom or luxurious family lodges with two bedrooms will be strategically located on the land so that they preserve the privacy of the guests and their orientation will be arranged according to the angle that allows the best view.

There will be 80 lodges in the facility; they will be able to serve 160 guests with the options of single, double, or triple. All the lodges will be uniform looking from outside, however, their entrances and orientations will be adjusted depending on their locations.

Natural materials and colors will be used so that the structures can be integrated ideally to the surrounding texture and nature.

The lodges, to be designed in a way that is durable, genuine, and not alienated from local values, will be produced in Tanzania with the materials as local as possible.

All lodges will have a minimum 80 m2 floor area to meet the expectations of today’s most demanding guests and be furnished with the furniture of high quality.

There will be a large living room that has the valley view, a kitchen and bar integrated with the living room, bedroom, a bathroom, and a terrace accessible from the living room. There will also be a hot tub, pool, sunbathing area, rest area, and a fireplace at this special terrace.